Our Capability

GCL carries out construction works under management and supervision of its dedicated team of experienced managers, engineers, and supervisory staff, with its automated office fully equipped with modern tools necessary to ensure quality of such management and supervision, its all round connection with and access to resources in the fields, and its relentless updating of itself to cope with the ever developing technology.


GCL consists of a group of managerial and technical staff.  These staff are in possession of extensive experience in a wide range of field in construction, and have abundant experiences in managing projects launched by the Hong Kong SAR government and the private sector.

For managerial staff, they are mostly in possession of a suitable degree and some of them have membership in professional institutions in Hong Kong and other parts of the world.  For technical staff, they are in possession of suitable training in various fields in construction with the responsibilities and duties properly taken up and fulfilled when assigned to them.

Such staff ranges from contract managers, project managers, site agents, engineers, quantities surveyors, land surveyors, foremen and superintendants. These staff have worked for prestigious organisations in different sectors of related fields from where they have gained valuable experience which strengthened their capability.

As the approved training organization for the HKIE Graduate Training Scheme ¡°A¡± - Civil Engineering, GCL also focuses on the continuous professional and training development for their staff. Some of GCL¡¯s senior staff are HKIE¡¯s approved engineering supervisors and training tutors who can monitor and supervise the training of engineering graduates for the benefits of staff and resource development of the company.

Consultancy Services

GCL maintains good relationship with reputable consultants in order to provide comprehensive professional services to clients especially when both design and construction works are required at the same instance. This arrangement has been proved very successful.

Access to Resources and Technology

GCL and its staff have had long standing relation with vendors providing construction material, plant and equipment, technical support and assistance and relevant resources, and with peers in the construction field. These provide all the support for GCL in delivering quality products to its clients.